水内 温子 / nuk /書家・書道家
Atsuko Mizuuchi /nuk /calligrapher
“暮らしの中の書”を提案し、創作活動を続けるが、ロゴや題字等 制作は多岐に渡る。

Atsuko Mizuuchi, a Japanese Calligrapher. She creates works with lines that have a rare delicacy and unmistaken toughness, and it seems as if the black of the ink and the white of the paper are conversing. Her individual style is expressed through kanji, hiragana, as well as her interpretations of waves, wind, flowers, shadows, water, and bubbles. When she is creating works, she holds a brush, soaks it with ink, and draws lines rhythmically. The movement looks as though she is channeling spirits. Looking for the beauty of space in the world of only black and white, Atsuko keeps creating progressive works with Japanese traditional modesty.